Smart Infrastructures

Cultural and professional profile

The Smart Infrastructures Expert must have acquired a solid knowledge of the design, implementation and operation of critical infrastructure (energy, transport, telecommunications, supply chains). This professional can implement digital solutions to improve the efficiency, security, resilience and sustainability of networks and infrastructure.

Educational Programme

The educational programme for the Smart Infrastructures Expert is personalised and divided into the following tracks:

  • Bio-engineering and Smart Infrastructures (Master's degree in Bioengineering)
  • Intelligent civil systems and infrastructures (Master's degree in Civil Engineering)
  • Smart infrastructures for the Knowledge Society (Master's degree in Control Systems Engineering)
  • ICT for Smart Infrastructures (Master's degree in ICT for Internet & Multi-Media)
  • Smart Infrastructures for Electrical Engineering (Master's degree in Electrical Energy Engineering)
  • Computing Systems for Smart Infrastructures (Master's degree in Computer Engineering)
  • Smart Infrastructures for Mechanical Engineering (Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Industrial Smart Infrastructures for Innovative Products (Master's degree in Product Innovation Engineering)