Green Technologies


Cultural and professional profile

The Green Technologies Expert must have specific design and control skills in the transformation of matter and energy. This professional can develop sustainable solutions, based on the rational use of resources and operating within a circular economy, according to the various professional situations in which an engineer usually operates.

Educational Programme

The educational programme for the Green Technologies Expert is personalised and divided into the following tracks:

  • Green Technologies for Chemical Engineering (Master's degree in Chemical and Industrial Process Engineering)
  • Green Technologies for Mechatronic Engineering (Master's degree in Mechatronic Engineering)
  • Green Technologies for Electrical Engineering (Master's degree in Electrical Engineering)
  • Green Electronics (Master's degree in Electronic Engineering)
  • Green Technologies for Mechanical Engineering (Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Green Technologies for Sustainable Environmental Engineering (Master's degree in Environmental Engineering)
  • Materials Engineering for Sustainability (Master's degree in Materials Engineering)